Waist training: Post Pregnancy

We do recommend to start waist trainer for:

- Normal Birth : One week after birth

- C-Section: 4-6 Weeks after birth


For post pregnancy we do recommend to start with our Combination A , Combination B or Combination C package

When you only purchase a Day Trainer you might find yourself wanting the sleep or latex trainer aswell.

The day trainer on its own is very strong and its best to alternate your products from day to day not to hurt your scar (C-section)



Day waist trainer for instant shape & long lasting healty effects.
This trainer is only for day use and not for gym or sleep.
We do recommend to start with this day trainer. 
Easy to use yourself, watch our video tutorals on Day waist trainer in our Tutorial section.
Once you have worn your trainer, you would need to downsize  at some stage, that is why we give you peace
of mind and save you money.... we pick up your old waist trainer that you bought at CorsetSa and exchange
for a new smaller size for half price. 
We do recommend to wear a tigh vest underneath your trainers to protect your skin, 
then you dont need to hand wash them that often.
Bennifits of your Day waist trainer:
- Post pregnancy - you can start waist training:  (+- Four to Six weeks after c-section), (normal birth- immediataly)
- Weight loss - kick start your weight loss programme
- Limit your food intake (smaller meals at a time)
- Less cravings for food
- Corrects  posture
- Helps with lower back problems
- Instant flat tummy 
- Shapes and flatten "love handles)
-Instant hour glass figure