Is It A Good Idea To Sleep With A Waist Trainer On?

The short Answer: Wearing a Waist Trainer while sleeping is a super-excellent idea!

You can wear the waist trainer corset all night because it is a more favourable shot to keep wearing for many hours. Sleeping in a waist cincher corset is very helpful if you are serious about the waist training!

‘The more time you spend with your waist trainer, the shapelier you will be’

Another important thing is that; you can’t wear a waist corset as much as you would like during the day. And, there are numerous reasons for not wearing a corset all day, and it depends on the following factors;

  • Preferences

  • Your style attire

  • And, your nature of work

Therefore, night hours are convenient for dressing in a corset letting you wear it for 8 to 10 hours daily. If you wear your waist trainers regularly at night, you are likely to achieve your maximum goals, so there is no obligation to wear the waist trainers during the daytime.

TIP: If you are done with your waist training phase, but still you want to maintain that gorgeous waistline, you simply need to wear a waist trainer at night so that you can get more powerful results!

For whatever reason you are wearing a waist trainer at night, it is entirely doable. However, the experience you get might vary from other individuals according to your sleeping patterns and the type of waist cincher you wear.

Every individual who dons a corset at night encounters a different pattern because some are light sleepers while others are heavy sleepers, some rest dead while others keep on turning. Not to mention whether you have a hard mattress or a fluffy mattress, pillows you usually are buying is a feathery or flat one.

All of these determinants can influence your experience of sleeping in a corset. Before trying it, let us show you how these issues will affect your night-time waist training;

Sleeping Patterns Matter

Sleeping positions do value, and it is controversial whether corsets hold the body in the inactive position or they end in oil and friction buildup leading to wear of the corsets. The parasympathetic system is initiated while you sleep due to which blood passes towards the core from the limbs contributing essential nutrients. People prefer shorter and moderate waist cincher corsets while sleeping because they find it content to sleep in such corsets.

Back Sleepers

Your hipbones and pelvis may sag down while you are wearing a waist trainer if you are mainly a back sleeper. It primarily occurs in mattresses which are not maintained along with a dip in the mattress. You need to render support to the curve inside the lumbar area to make your sleep healthier. Try to place folded towels or small pillows under your knees or lower back so that your body weight is scattered evenly and pressure is held off from your back.

Tummy Sleepers

If your favourite sleeping position is lying down on your belly, you must consider a few points. Just to make your sleep comfier while wearing a corset. It is advisable to wear latex waist cinchers rather than the steel boned corsets. Because they are more convenient than steel corsets as they have busks which are put in front.

The second foremost reason is that you may feel pressure or stress on your neck and head.  As it will not support your spine to curve as much as it can. You should prefer sleeping or without a pillow to block any discomfort. If you can’t sleep without a pillow, prefer a softer exterior and the vest thin such as a pillow-top mattress to sleep, but some woman will also have improved acid reflux.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers will find it hard to maintain a balance because of the rigidity of the waist trainer. You need to preserve the balance by contracting your core muscles which lead to uneasiness and less sleep. The Huge gap is detected between the mattress and the corset. Depending on the durability of your waist trainer your hips may shift in a pattern which is annoying for uninterrupted night sleep.

The solution for side sleepers is to put a cushion and reduce pressure which transpires due to the rigid curves of the torso. Set a pillow between your mattress and waist to accurately align your hips and spine. You can also dodge rolling over or holding your muscles by putting a pad on your back; so they don’t have to stay tight all night. Put a towel or cushion on your back and hips or between your knees. That will eventually assist you in releasing additional pressure.


Sleeping can be a great way to incorporate more waist trainer wearing without disturbing any part of your life. If you sleep 7-8 hours at night, that is a right amount of time to wear your waist trainer to help you see results even quicker.

The thing to keep in mind though, sleeping in a waist trainer is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not surprising if you have trouble trying to sleep in a waist trainer even if you wear them for 6-8 hours during the day.

Waist trainers can be quite constricting, and some people have problems getting comfortable lying down to sleep. Other people may not like the feeling of the pressure on their abdominal area while lying down and may even suffer from panic attacks because the trainer is too tight for them.


How Long Should I Wear My Waist Trainer to See Results?

Everyone wants to have a fit and shapely figure but given the lack of exercise and poor diet in most lifestyles, belly fat is the first to appear and does not go away easily. Waist ​​​​trainers are a great way to lose a few inches on the waistline, provided you use it right. The following is a short description of what a waist trainer is and how long it takes to show results you will love.


What Is a Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is like a modern-day corset that can pull the fat around your waist in to make your middle look slimmer. It has been popularized by several female celebrities who have been seen sporting it soon after giving birth. The objective is to provide your torso with a shape and the reinforcements in the waist trainer allow your middle to be squeezed in to look thinner.

These waist trainers can be worn intermittently through the day and is a non-invasive way to get in shape if you also follow a balanced diet. It also has a psychological impact as it reminds people of their present shape and may motivate them to diet and take care of their bodies. It shows results almost instantly but since the body is prone to go back to its original shape once the waist trainer is removed, you need to keep up a regimen that involves a balanced diet and exercise.

How Long Does It Take to Show Results?

Many women have reported that it leads to weight loss as it makes you sweat more if you wear it during a workout. Experts, however, say that the weight loss is only temporary and do not recommend that people wear them while working out as it could constrict breathing.

Mens Waist trainer

How long a waist trainer takes to show results depends from body to body and individual motivations. A waist trainer is only a supplement to help you lose your waist size but the work needs to come from you. Along with wearing the waist trainer for a few hours every day, you will also need to maintain a balanced diet and engage in exercises for at least a few minutes every day. If you follow a regimen and discipline yourself, a waist trainer can start showing results in as less than four weeks. But other than following a regimen, it may also depend on your genetic makeup, metabolism and the present shape of your body.

What’s also important is that you sustain a healthy lifestyle even after you lose the fat. Since it’s only temporarily molding your body into shape, there’s a chance your body will return to its original shape a few days after you stop wearing the waist trainer. If you want to retain the shape, you need to keep up your regimen even if you stop using the waist trainer.

Here’s a handy guide to ​to learn more about waist training.

​Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer

A waist trainer has a controversial reputation in the health and fitness world. But several people swear by it not only because it makes their middle look slimmer if they’re wearing a form-fitting dress but also helps retain that shape with regular work. The following are some of the benefits of wearing a waist trainer:

​Weight Loss Is Temporary, But ...

As explained above, the weight loss is temporary and you will need to follow a regimen to ensure you keep the weight off. More often than not, people find their bodies reverting to the old shape soon after they stop using the waist trainer. But once you get a taste of what your body can look like and the potential it has, you will be motivated to maintain a disciplined regime to retain that shape.

Weight Loss Corset

​Core Strengthening

The waist trainer can support your core muscles and make them stronger while working out. They won’t take on the job of the core muscles but will extend help in order to make them strong. If you wear the waist trainer while working out, you can feel compressions in your abdominal area when you’re doing vigorous exercises. This increases the thermal activity in the body, elevating the body’s natural heat and causing you to sweat more. When you perspire more in the areas where you’re trying to lose weight, the weight loss becomes easier. However, ensure you’re not wearing the waist trainer for extended periods of time and allow your body to breathe between sets too.

​Improved Posture

For those sitting on a desk all day, there’s a good chance your posture is worsening bit by bit. A slouch begins to descend into your posture the more time you spend on the desk. Several users have reported that not only does the waist trainer help slim down the middle section of the body, it also helps to improve posture, which is of great help to the back in the long run. Repeated and careful wear help correct the posture of the torso and provides you with a more confident, taller posture.

​Great Motivation

As mentioned earlier, a waist trainer is a great motivation for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Once you see what your body can potentially look like all the time, you will be motivated to carry on a lifestyle that guarantees results and a toned body. Even after you stop using the waist trainer, you will want to keep eating healthy and exercise, in order to retain the desired shape. Every time you fall off the wagon, you can simply start using the waist trainer again. This is great for your long-term slimming goals.

Final Thoughts

A waist trainer is a good way to get in shape, but anything used in excess can be harmful. Start small, when you’re beginning. You can wear the waist trainer for an hour or two a day and even take it off if you’re feeling too uncomfortable. Since it involves squeezing your body into a smaller mold, there may be some discomfort at the beginning. Start slowly and gradually increase the number of hours you’re wearing the waist trainer for. Within a few weeks, you will get used to it and won’t feel a thing. The subsequent results speak for themselves. ​


Does waist training work? Don't just take our word for it – check out these amazing results from real customers who were able to transform their figures using a daily waist training regimen. Below, you'll also find simple tips for finding the right waist trainer for your body.


A stay-at-home mom who decided to try waist training to get her pre-baby body back after childbirth. She was amazed with results: "Every single person who has ever known me has commented on my results, begging me for my secrets … They think I look amazing and I've been told that it doesn't look like I've ever had a baby." 


This maximum compression workout waist trainer is a customer favorite for good reason. It's perfect to slim your waist instantly and provide the firm compression you need for effective daily waist training. 


Suzie is an interior designer who needed a way to control and emphasize her hourglass curves. Wearing a waist trainer helped her slim down instantly and also helped with portion control when eating. "I can see drastic results … People tell me they really like how my waist is cinched, and that’s been when I’m not wearing one! I lost 4 inches—more than what I expected!" Read her entire interview to find out how she achieved her results, her waist training, diet and fitness recommendations and how she feels since beginning her waist training jouney.


This faja style waist slimmer dramatically slims the waist and can be a part of your regular waist training regimen.


Desire is a full-time nanny who had difficulty losing weight and exercising. But all that changed when she tried her first waist trainer. "I started to see results in just 5-10 weeks. My waist started shrinking in inches and I noticed I was having better posture in my back. I also found that my lower stomach had less of a sag."


Get maximum strength waist slimming in this classic black latex waist trainer from one of our favorite brands, Ann Chery. You will instantly reduce 1-3 inches from your waistline, and you can also use this garment in your everyday waist training regimen.


Ana is a U.S. Army soldier who knows a thing or two about how to get in shape. But after pregnancy, she found that slimming down had become a bigger obstacle, so she turned to waist training: “I was having difficulty getting my body back. I’m still working on it, and this waist trainer has helped me become more confident while helping me reach my goal.Read her entire interview to find out how she achieved her results, her waist training, diet and fitness recommendations and how she feels since beginning her waist training jouney.


Extra support is always a plus—so we think you'll love the fit of this waist trainer corset vest. Your back and bust will thank you as this Amia shapewear trims 1-4 inches from your waistline to give you the hourglass curves you crave.


Ruby is a New York model who strives to her look best, whether she's in front of the camera or not. Her secret to maintaining a great figure? Waist training! She says: "I have received so many compliments, people always say I have the perfect curves, and I'm proportionate as well."


For optimal results, waist training works best as a part of a healthy lifestyle. It works in several ways. First, it slims your waistline by as much as 2-3 inches as soon as you put it on. But also, it helps stimulate heat in your core, which makes you perspire more around your midsection. This is especially effective during exercise because you are essentially boosting your workout’s intensity.

Waist training works in a combination of other ways as well, including improving your posture, boosting your confidence, helping you stay motivated, and helping you have better portion control with your food. All of these factors work together as part of your personal slim-down journey. For the best results, it’s ideal to wear your waist trainer every day for at least eight hours.


Just like any healthy lifestyle practice, waist training is safe when you listen to your body and use common sense. If you are waist training with a garment that fits properly, you shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort. You might be surprised by just how tight a waist trainer can feel if you’re not accustomed to it, but it’s a feeling you’ll get used to—and probably grow to like! But it shouldn’t be so tight that you feel short of breath or feel any pain. If that’s the case, take it off immediately! It won’t work correctly if it doesn’t fit.

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Waist Trainers after giving birth
The wrap can be used immediately postpartum as long as your doctor gives you the okay. This also depends on what you have done, Csection or delievred naturally.
Rules To Consider When Wearing A Waist Trainer During Exercise

Retaining an hourglass figure is on the top of every woman’s to-do list, but for some, the only place they get to see that hourglass figure is just there – on top of the list.

But don’t fret; possibilities are endless with a proper waist trainer and knowing when to wear it is even best.

Wearing a waist trainer during your workout is the secret to a slim waist.

However, using a waist trainer while exercising comes with a few rules. Here’s what you need to know about wearing a waist trainer during your work out:

  • Wear a thin vest underneath your waist trainer to prevent acne that may be caused by sweating.
  • Do not wear it while doing high-intensity cardio or exercises that increase your heart rate. It is important to keep in mind that waist training will naturally shrink your organs. 
  • Do wear it during weight training. The waist trainer will keep your abs tight and back straight and help you sweat extra during your workout, resulting in quick weight loss.
  • Get yourself a high-quality waist trainer. Quality is important when it comes to waist trainers as the quality determines the effectiveness, comfort, and elasticity of your waist trainer.

Corsetsa has a wide range of fat burner shapers for you to wear every day underneath your clothes. They shape and correct your posture and burn fat while you work out.

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How To wear A Corset Over Your Dress

For many girls, a 'happily ever after' doesn't involve any prince charming at all. Girls just wanna look good and make their lives an exquisite fairytale. 

Fortunately, a corset possesses a magical ability to transform any woman and turn them into Disneyland characters they have always secretly envied. 

All you have to do is to just put on a corset over your vintage or any kind of dress and voila! Paris! Here we come!

Here are some beautiful celebrities rocking corsets over their dresses.

Alexander McQueen corset(

We love this look...

Amazing Benefits Of Wearing Corsets

Kim Kardashian wearing a corset. Source: season is upon us and every girl deserves that to die for hourglass figure to complement those elegant vintage dresses and make you feel like you run the world. Who would deny a chance to flaunt their attractive self after wearing a corset because it overwhelmingly changes your body structure and posture, giving you confidence for days.

If you have been skeptically wondering why you should consider adding a corset to your must-have list, here are some of the benefits of wearing a corset for your consideration:

1. Menstrual cramps become minimal

Yes, we don't know how but we are certain you'll be grateful to endure less period pains while wearing a corset. We can only guess that the force put by a corset on the lower abdomen causes the uterus to contract and the pressure relieves the pain.

2. Relieves headaches

With a corset on, you'll be bound to maintain the appropriate posture and that will prevent contraction of the spinal nerves column avoiding hindrance of the link between the brain and spine and this relieves all sorts of headaches and migraines.

3.Relieves back pain

Wearing a waist training corset gives your back tremendous support and this relieves back pain. A latex corset is flexible enough to be able to comfortably support your back 

4. Weight loss

We know many of you will love this corset benefit! Your stomach won't have space to expand and this will control eating habits by reducing food portions and this will result in a new leaner you. We must mention that although you regularly wear a corset, you still need to eat healthier and exercise!

5. Body posture

Standing in an appropriate position when wearing a corset is a given and your body posture will undoubtedly improve. When wearing a steel bone corset, standing tall becomes an effortless exercise.

6. Boosts self-image

Corsets can help in boosting the self-image of those people suffering from low self-esteem. Corsets encourage self-worth by changing the posture. Steelbone corsets work best for women who have a poor body image and wearing a corset changes the body structure resulting in a more stunning and confident person.

7. Helps you to feel more controlled 

A waist trainer corset is highly recommended by psychologists for people who struggle with controlling themselves. Wearing a corset assist them in feeling more controlled. A corset has the ability to control the person wearing it and they will obviously feel the effect.

8. Improves concentration

If you are struggling with fidgeting and frequently losing concentration, a corset is highly recommended for you to keep you more grounded. Wearing a waist training corset helps to keep one's mind present and that helps reduce anxiety.  

There you have it! Now that you know that an hourglass figure is not the only benefit of wearing a corset, Add it on your shopping cart and enjoy these little pleasures of life. You deserve a waist trainer corset! 

Visit our showroom here and get shopping.

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Fashion history reveals the first recorded corset originated from Crete in Greece, worn by the Minoan people. Images on ancient pottery show both women and men sporting form fitting belts and vests with leather rings or straps that constrict and shape the waist. Culturally, this showed a women’s ideal shape, accentuating the beauty of her curves and often exposing bare breasts.
Can women of all ages wear Corsets?
In ancient times, ladies and courtiers wore corsets because it showed off their hourglass figure. Young girls were introduced early to this type of waist training because their role in society is to marry men and they needed to look attractive. Corsets are made of a strong and flexible fabric, either satin, cotton or leather. (those are the waist training corsets) with steel boning (flexible steel rods). Its great strength cinches your waist and accentuate the curve of your hips, giving you an hourglass figure. Over and above all that they are suitable for a variety of different body types.
Make everyday a Women's Day
August is Women's month and it is dedicated to all the wonderful women in our lives. They’re our cheerleaders, pillars of strength, our counsellers, and so much more than they get credit for. Mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and best friends. They take up so many important roles selflessly. We love them with all our hearts and this is why we think Women’s Day should be every day!
How should a corset fit?
A well-made corset has a very carefully balanced fit: to create a beautiful shape that is actually wearable by a human requires great attention to the distribution of ease and negative ease. The lacing and lacing gap allows for fine-tuning of the fit on an individual basis without requiring a fully bespoke corset. Much has been written about bra fit, but what defines fit for a corset?
Corset facts and myths
A Corset is uncomfortable- A corset that is made for you, and you alone (as they were up until the late Victorian age, when “mail order” corsets first became available), is very comfortable. They don’t pinch (it’s impossible), they don’t poke (unless the boning is working its way out), and they don’t make it impossible to breathe.
Waist trainers for posture correction
Today’s jobs are demanding, the tasks may be different from one job to another, but their commonality is the restriction of movements. And because of this sedentary lifestyle, it is not surprising that there are risks of cardiovascular, How so? It is because limited movements burn fewer calories. And for a typical worker, snacking during work hours is a regular thing, and having less physical activity is a regular thing as well. More eating, less exercise, equals weight gain. With these conditions, the path to obesity is getting more accessible by the minute.
Celebrate being a women this women's day
Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Women’s Day on the 9th August in South Africa? It has nothing to do with honouring women just because we need another “Mother’s Day”, this day commemorates the 9th August 1956 when women participating in a national march petitioned against pass laws …
Feel Sexy This Women's Day
After centuries of wear, corsets have well and truly earned their place in women’s fashion. Renowned for enhancing figures, and sex lives, corsets are now a bedroom staple in many households. These days, the corset is equally as at home in the office as it is in the boudoir.
What you need to know about waist training
It makes you look slim at the waist Yes, it does have that instant effect – put a corset around your waist and bingo! It looks smaller, taut and tiny. But there’s also an undeniable psychological effect that comes with waist cinching.
Waist training Dos and Don'ts
Waist training uses cinchers or waist trainers to reduce your natural waist size and accentuate your curves. Whether it works or creates problems for you is debatable. You can also wear waist trainers and perform various exercises such as stretching or pilates. A controversial means of reducing your natural waist size, waist trainers have their pros and cons.
Calendar Girl Boudoir shoot
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Waist trainers for torso shaping
Popularly called waist cincher or trainer, it's basically a type of undergarment that is placed around your waist in order to slim your waist line. However, it's mostly effective when used in conjunction with regular exercise, proper diet and consistency. If you're trying to get a smaller waist or trying to achieve the hourglass figure then getting a waist trainer is a good idea.
Celebrities that waist train
Having a perfect figure is important when you’re in the limelight. Celebrities are constantly subjected to the scrutiny of the public. Any flaw can be a PR disaster. How often have you heard of actresses hitting the tabloids when they’re seen in unflattering flabs? It’s not easy when everyone’s critical about your appearance; that is why stars go out of their way to shape their bodies into near perfection. You’ve read about their strict diets and intense workouts. The lengths they go through to enhance their figures may have even raised some eyebrows. Many innovations have hit the market but there is none that is as controversial and trending as waist training. Check out these celebrities who have embraced this super effective body sculpting regimen.
Does Waist training really work
The waist corset or waist trainer has created a lot of hype recently, while women don’t necessarily want Kim’s curvaceous derriere, they are envious of her tiny waist A corset is a close-fitting undergarment made of stiffened material and worn to make the waist appear slimmer and the bust and hips appear bigger. Corsets were made from different materials, stiffened with starch or paste. So-called whalebone was used to stiffen corsets even further.
How to Eat Properly while Waist Training
If you want to achieve the hourglass shape that you always desired, then you need to change your eating habits. Here are a few tips on the waist training diet. 1. Eat More Fiber The waist training corset will compress your stomach, which will bring constipation. So, you should eat more beans, raspberries, blackberries, peas, and avocados to set your digestive system free.
Tips to corset trending
Granted, corsets have a bad rep due to the likes of the dominatrix/SM subculture, Kim K, and the unhealthy waist training trend of recent years. However, if worn right, it has the potential to be an extremely flattering waist-slimming accessory that will instantly give you an hourglass figure.
Be the envy of sexiness
There are those who have discovered the aesthetic effect of long-line corsets for their body while there are ladies who are still in the dark of what this fascinating garment can do to their short waist. It’s no secret that for women with longer waists, long-line corsets can do miracles. They appear sexier, and their proportion looks so much more attractive when they are wearing these great garments. It is no wonder some of the women who have shorter waist are feeling the pangs of envy, but they shouldn’t fret because there are corsets suitable for them as well.
Beauty Tips That Will Improve Your Health and Wellness
Experts say excessive alcohol consumption, more than one or two drinks a day-puts a strain on the liver. This can result in dilated pores, dilated and broken capillaries, as well as the overgrowth of sweat and oil glands. Unfortunately, this occurs most often in the face (particularly the nose), though other areas of the skin are vulnerable, too. But there are still health benefits to drinking red wine, one glass a day will not harm the skin-unless you suffer from Rosacea. A survey by the National Rosacea Society in the U.S. found that 76 percent of sufferers cited red wine as a trigger for flare-ups.
1.Wearing a corset gives you a fabulous figure It gives you good posture, takes inches off your waist and accentuates your chest…
Why you need to wear a chemise
The first and most important reason as to why you, as a woman should own a chemise nightwear, is because the chemise is a sexy piece of lingerie, which means you will feel and look sexy even when you go to bed. Just ask any man what he finds more attractive: a woman in baggy cotton pajamas, or the vision of a woman in a satin short chemise with her legs and arms naked? I think you get the picture. All the more reason to turn up the heat this winter.
Lingerie to suit your mood
If you, like most of us are not a Victoria’s Secret Angel, shopping for lingerie that makes you feel both comfortable and sexy can be a challenge not to mention expensive. And it’s often only once you’ve found the underwear that suits you best that you discover the joy of lingerie shopping (and wearing, of course). What each of us finds sexy is a matter of preference but no matter what your taste is, from flirtatious twin sets to sultry slips, we’ve got the items to suit your mood.
Benefits of yoga pants
Now, it may or may not surprise you to learn that, according to research, the clothing you choose to wear can have real psychological effects on you and your well-being. Researchers refer to this as "enclothed cognition," and basically, the bottom line is that dressing yourself in things that make you feel both comfortable and presentable, in a way that feels good to you, is really important for your mental health. And yes, wearing your yoga pants every day totally counts here, as long as it genuinely makes you feel your best from head to toe.
Corsetting in 2018
In 2018, women continue discovering new ways to own their power. It’s a constantly exciting time to experience, after all, clothing is the exterior shell with which we arm ourselves every day, what we wear can be a powerful tool in our fight for equality and justice. Trends do matter.
Benefits of Wearing a Corset
It might surprise you (or maybe not!) to know that one of the frequently asked questions we get is: "Why do people wear corsets?" It seems so obvious when you’re a ‘seasoned’ corset wearer or a long-time waist trainer, but there are plenty of corset-curious people out there who might consider one if they understood what all the hype was about.
Benefits of wearing a sauna suit
Boost your metabolism: As a sauna suit is designed to provide you the same benefits as a real sauna, wearing it can help you boost amplify your metabolic rate. An increase in metabolism is really helpful for losing weight if you use the suit on a regular basis.
Must Have Items in Your Wardrobe
Every women likes to look good, because when you look good you feel good and therefore are more confident. The idea though is to be comfortable and still turn heads.
How to workout in your Latex trainer
Waist training is a method women are using all over the world to tighten their abdominal muscles and cinch their waists to lose inches in all the right places. However, using a waist trainer comes with a few rules…
Women's body shaping
As the trend grows, people are still unaware of what exactly waist training is and how it works. So we compiled a short list of things that you should know about waist training.
Finding your perfect Corset
CorsetSA shows you how to measure the corerct corset to suit your body type.
Vintage Fashion
We came up with tips for wearing your vintage dresses in the winter to make sure you keep warm and look weather-appropriate while looking stylish and wearing any dress your heart desires.
Corset and Corseting
The return of the steel boned corset has brought with it not just the aesthetically pleasing "coke bottle shape" from tight-lacing, but also the practice of "waist training", the act of using a steel-boned corset to, over time, manipulate the structure of your floating ribs to create a more defined hourglass shape.
How to wear Corsets in Winter
Corsets for all seasons. Check out some of our corsets and various ways in which you can wear them all winter long.
CorsetSA | The lady behind the small waists
Read more about what corsets are and how to go about purchasing your very own. CorsetSA takes your second-hand corsets and refurbishes it according to your body and makes the necessary alterations. While you at the store, make sure to book your steamy bedroom photoshoot for your next special day.