Latex with straps

There are 2 different latex waist trainers, one with straps & the other without straps

Latex trainers with straps covers your whole back and are longer than the normal latex without straps.

Adjustable straps on shoulders, with 3 adjustable clips in front.

Latex trainers with straps are longer than the latex without straps.

Latex with straps cannot be moved higher or lower, with the latex without straps this can be done.


  • These ¬†trainers can be worn during day time and can be worn to gym.
  • Latex trainers are not as tight as the normal day trainers, they are made with flexi steel and latex,
  • not brocade material like the day trainers.
  • Latex makes you sweat & burn fat
  • Corrects your posture
  • Flatter your tummy instantly
  • Covers lower tummy & love handles on hips
  • Double your workout